The Papa Sandwich

This is my grandpa’s name-sake sandwich. I made it for him one afternoon and it stuck ever since: my Gram buys croissants and keeps avocados on-hand just for such lunch-occasions.  He calls them ‘Kala sandwiches’ but I call them ‘Papa sandwiches’. He’ll even come inside after working in the garage, clamber up the stair-way to my bedroom, and knocks innocently on the door; all to ask if I could make him a Kala sandwich.  Anytime I’m home around lunch time, he’ll ask.  And I never refuse.

If the specialness of a toasted croissant as the vessel for this sandwich wasn’t enough, I even spread it with a healthy helping/ dosage of guacamole and melt some pepper jack cheese on there.  I can’t have unmelted cheese on my Pappa’s sandwich.  What kind of granddaughter do you think I am?

My grandpa and I are two peas: we could both eat an avocado every day, despise board games, and love roasted cashews a top any stir-fry.  The best thing though is for our morning bowl of cereal (or anything else requiring a spoon), the table is always set the same way: 2 monster serving spoons and one dainty, appropriately-sized spoon.  It goes without saying that the 2 colossal spoons are for me and me Papa.

Like grandfather, like granddaughter.

The Papa Sandwich
serves 1

1 croissant
2 slices pepper jack cheese
3 slices of roasted deli turkey
2 t dijon mustard
1/2 avocado, mashed, seasoned with salt + pepper
1/2 roma tomato, sliced thin, seasoned with salt + pepper
1 handful of baby spinach

Place oven rack about 5 inches under the broiler. Get the broiler preheating on high.

Split the croissant through the center and place cut side down on a cookie sheet. Set under the broiler and watch until the croissant begins to warm. Remove from the oven and flip each side over, so that the croissant halves are now cut side up. Set back under the broiler for 30-90 seconds until light brown and toasted (keep your eye on it though!). Place the cheese on the bottom half and cover the other half with the turkey slices (make sure both pieces of bread are completely covered otherwise the bread will burn). Return to the oven until the cheese begins to bubble, about 1 minute. Fold turkey slices in half, lay over the molten cheese, and top with tomato slices.

Now take the top half of the croissant and spread with mustard. Dollop on mashed avocado and lightly press in the spinach so that it sticks. Combine the top and bottom pieces and cut right down the center. Serve hot and expect many thank-you’s and hugs.

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