Plans, once again, foiled

by kalamckala

It’s World Nutella Day!  Finally!!  Since the upset of last year’s missed Nutella-day, I’ve been keeping close tabs on Nutella recipes.  Specifically, I’ve been scheming to consume Nutella for all three meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner.  I’d even planned for a decadent dessert – a glorious plan.  One that I’ve waited to put into action for 365 whole days of sunshine, stocking the fridge with fresh strawberries from road-side stands, worrying about beating the heat and waiting too long to go for a mountain bike ride, watermelon Pinkberry, crunchy orange leaves, fresh figs perched atop tree branch ends, thick and spicy pumpkin frozen yogurt from Yogurt Mill, crisp apples, and sweet, succulent clementine-Cuties.

After a year of waiting, my plans are again foiled.
Surprise, surprise.

Nutella was introduced to me on a school trip to Amsterdam and parts of the Netherlands.  At breakfast, the chocolate spread was already setting out on tables just as maple syrup, plastic jelly containers, Tabasco, and salt and pepper would be on an ordinary breakfast joint in the States.  The “European peanut butter”, if you will.

Chocolate, for breakfast?  How is this even possible?  Those Europeans know how to do it.  I guess they have been around the block a few times…

Today, I’m SOL.  In terms of Nutella.  The only means of a chocolate-hazelnut spread that I have readily available is a 1-ounce Justin’s squeeze pack.  Needless to say, that won’t get me very far.

But don’t worry, I don’t have a kitchen to work in anyways! Even if I did have an abundance of Nutella.  In the meantime, I’ll just have to enjoy our numbered beautiful days of sunshine, running around with Bucky and Athena.

But in homage to World Nutella Day, here’s my contribution.  To all those without cooking means or ability, raise your Nutella jars and have a spoonful for me.  It will be much appreciated.

Happy World Nutella Day!

Justin’s chocolate hazelnut dip
yields the perfect, single serving amount

1/4 c vanilla Greek yogurt
1/8 c Nutella (or one squeeze pack)
cinnamon, to taste

Whisk or mix diligently with a fork until combined.  Use as a dip for an assortment of  fruit, pretzels, or top with granola and have for breakfast.  Best breakfast, ever.  You’re welcome.

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