Snacks on snacks on snacks

I have been wholly consumed by Pinterest.

Bitten by the Pinterest bug.

I find myself subconsciously typing “pin” into the search bar and it automatically fills it in as Pinterest.

Hours pass and all I’ve done is browse other people’s pins.

All that time I could and should be spending studying, working out, eating, reading, hanging out with friends, paying attention in class, or watching 30 Rock is instead spent perusing Pinterest.

So that explains my absence here lately.

I think tomorrow I’ll start myself on a Pinterest-ration. Here’s where my amazing self-control kicks in: Pinterest, four times a week. How handy.

I make snacks. These are by far the most simple.

Step 1, mix together maple syrup, canola oil, brown sugar, and some spices
Step 2, stir pretzels and pecans into spices
Step 3, bake for 15 minutes

And that’s it.

Don’t leave them out unless you want them gone, because they will be.

If I leave these out on the counter, I’ll eat them until nothing but a bowl of cinnamon and pretzel bits remains. I blame that cinnamon and cayenne combination. Something about it makes me crave it. It’s that type of lingering heat – the best kind, really – that doesn’t go away but makes you want to eat more to keep that tingle alive.

And when that tingle is gone, these pretzels are gone, and I’m slightly disappointed.

Hey, I warned you. You can’t say I didn’t warn you. You will feel pretzel-remorse.

Addictive, crunchy and munchy, sweet and spicy. “Where have these been all your life”, you ask? Why, right HERE.

Giving my secrets away…gosh.

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