Sweet (yeasty) success

It’s 6:15am.

I am forfeiting a run in leu of homework completion. In reality, I ended up standing over a cast iron pan, frying up the bright orange yolk of a locally crafted egg. The whites hissed slightly and the tea kettle sang ferociously. The sun was poking through the blinds and cars could be heard from the nearby bustling street. I smiled, sipped my tea in the company of spritely red-streaked sunflowers, and admired my job of wiping the plate clean of any lost, oozing egg yolk.

I decided to lighten my load today. I’ve been going too hard – waking at 6:15am every morning to start the day with homework or a run, scrambling to each back-to-back class that I planned for myself this semester (way to go, Kala), completing homework and reading as assigned, filling my free time with rock climbing and chatting with friends, and cramming in time to cook wherever and whenever possible. Oh and sleep!

One thing I am trying to be more mindful of is that it’s okay to take things easy.

It’s okay to sleep in. It’s okay to even take a day off from homework (egads!). It’s also okay to eat vegetables for breakfast and chocolate for dinner. It’s really okay.

What you have at this point in time is okay and it is enough.

I feel like the time I spend in my own head, I’ve spent in admiration of my life. More of us should admire ourselves and what we have in our lives rather than tear ourselves down and wish we had more. Everyday I try to be grateful for one new thing in my life. Today I’d say that I am thankful for the depth of my mind; I’m thankful for the fact that I feel grateful for so much and that I’ve learned to appreciate the littlest of things. I’m thankful for my passions and I’m thankful to have found them (at last!). I’m thankful for my time and I’m pleased with the way I choose to spend it.

I enjoy my early mornings and fertile day, filled with good stuff going on but sometimes my brain requires a recess. If my brain had a literal recess from my daily activities, you know what it would do? It would want to C O O K !

& so, just the other day I allowed myself some quality rest and relaxation, more mindful meditation, and fun. I made myself a few staples for the rest of the week, to-go lunches fit for my school lunch box, and made dinner plans and grocery lists.

I planned for a sheet of rosemary focaccia bread.


the perfect crumb

As for myself, a successful day is synonymous with a day filled with fun, laugher, thoughts of gratefulness for what I do have, not what I don’t have; a day of learning and a day of realizations. But what seals the deal of a great day is almost always the food. Great food can save a crumby day.

yield 9×13″ slab o’ bread

13-oz whole wheat flour
13-oz unbleached white flour
3.5 tsp sea salt
2.25 tsp yeast
2.5 cups cold H2O
0.25 cup extra-virgin olive oil

Mix all ingredients together, cover, & refrigerate overnight.

Add flour as needed (no pun intended) & fold dough over itself 3 times.

Use your fingers to grease a rimmed cookie sheet with olive oil – don’t forget the sides!

Stretch, pull, and press dough into the greased pan and make plenty of finger dents. Sprinkle with coarse sea salt and fresh herbs. Let rise ~30 mins.

Bake @400F for 18 mins.

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