Smoothie secret ingredient

It’s 3:30 in the afternoon. Lunch was three hours ago and dinner is in another three or so hours. As you think about those three more hours to go before munching, your stomach begins to speak. Can you hear it – that gurgling noise? You know what it’s saying, don’t you? Yes, exactly – it’s saying that it’s snack time.

{Trust me – I’m fluent in hungry-tummy gurgling.} 

But not just any-old snack time. Not a grab-a-Fiber-One-Bar-wolf-it-down-and-continue-on-your-way type of snack. Come now, be serious. This is a snack that can work double-duty as breakfast or a post-workout recovery and requires little more time and energy to put together than ripping that Fiber One Bar from its surprisingly difficult to open shiny plastic wrapper.

Grab a blender, some frozen bananas, spices, milk, and my newest smoothie secret ingredient – chai iced tea!

Chai tea + frozen banana + milk + cinnamon + ginger = the most unctuous of unctuous smoothies

These are chai smoothies. The creamiest, dreamiest smoothies you’ll ever have.

I don’t know about you, but I am somewhat of a picky smoothie customer. I don’t like a runny smoothie – it’s gotta be thick enough to eat with a spoon; made with fruit and milk, yogurt, or cottage cheese – not ice cream. {Sorry, buddy, but that’s a milkshake.} Oh, and it has to be flavorful, but that goes without saying. I’m sure you’ve heard of the one-ingredient ice cream wonder, but in case you haven’t, bananas are literally the only ingredient that you need to make ultra creamy ice cream. Well, that and a blender.

Peel banana.
Slice banana.
Freeze banana.
Take blender.
Place banana in blender.
Cover blender.
Plug in blender.
Turn on blender.
Eat banana ice cream.

You can do it! Just…put a few more things in the mix and you’ve got a smoothie. It’s pretty great, if I do say so myself.

Chai smoothies
serves 1-2

equipment needed: blender or food processor

2 bananas, frozen
1/2 c strong brewed chai tea, chilled
1/2 c milk (any milk you’d like!)
cinnamon, to taste (I put maybe 1/4 t)
pinch of ground ginger
1 T maple syrup
splash of almond extract

Place all ingredients in a blender and blend away! Serve with a dash of cinnamon on top. {Add more tea if the mixture is too thick to blend.}

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