The guest writer

I have a best ever friend forever – a BEFF, if you will – who has accepted my offer of periodic guest writing for The Napkin.

We are both consistently associated with food, eating out at cozy yet obscure hole-in-the-wall joints, and concocting strange yet fantastically amazing home cooked meals. And snacks and desserts and appetizers and whatnot.

We think about food, we dream about food; we plan food, we talk food; essentially, together we are food. That’s one of the best and truest parts of our friendship.

Jonathan Almerido is his name. He is one cool cat, Cal-grad and I am so excited for him to be apart of this with me! He graduated with a degree in English and is a remarkable writer, who can paint the most beautiful images of pure innocence, wonder, and blunt sarcasm. All in one. His words are beautiful and – more than I am happy to have him share them with you – I will be excited to read his posts myself!

Not to mention, he is one of the silliest people I know. He is sure to make you smile, as he makes me laugh and giggle endlessly!

His style:

Jonathan loves food. Plan and simple. Here’s what I mean: he once ordered a 15×15 from In N Out (before they capped the number of patties off at 4) and attempted the Fenton Challenge at the Fentons Creamery in Oakland – and completed! He likes to experiment with different foods and flavors, yet loves those timeless classics like mashed potatoes and burgers. He’ll¬†definitely¬†throw some creative things our way.

The plan:

He’ll be posting from time to time. So keep an eye out for him!

I love you, Jonfen. I can’t wait to engage in such food adventures with you!

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