Step by step: perfect over-easy eggs

Routines are good.

A routine can keep you on track, allow you to plan, keep your diet and exercise on a regular schedule, suppress any unwanted possible stress-scenarios and/ or acne-induced episodes, as well as keep the tension out of those shoulders.

I easily adopt a daily routine when it comes to what I eat and how I exercise but every so often I get too comfortable – I end up running the same 2 miles and eating the same breakfast of Greek yogurt with fruit, granola, and an orange. Oh and tea, green tea to be exact.

Breakfast is always the known part of my day. Sometimes this is good: on a busy morning I can just quickly eat my normal yogurt breakfast and be on my way without thinking much about it. But, if you must know one thing about me, I like to change things up. Yet I like to keep things simple.

Sometimes a routine can feel like a rut. Right now I need a rut-buster. I need a new breakfast concept. And simply not eating breakfast is simply not an option. Any ideas? I certainly have one…and it requires 3 ingredients.

I’ve never been a “dessert for breakfast” kind of girl and I’m not all-for baking muffins or banana bread just for myself. I’ve always loved eggs. Gooey eggs where the whites are cooked and set yet the yolk is runny and rich, enveloping everything in its wake in unctuous yellow gold.

And eggs are so cheap and easy! True convenience food, good for breakfast, sandwiches, breakfast-for-dinner; baking, boiling, frying, scrambling, and poaching. And with all that protein, an egg is certainly a part of your diet that you can feel good about.

Let’s show you another favorite, yet simple, breakfast meal of mine. A rut-buster breakfast indeed. The secret – as is my secret for making almost anything great – is an avocado. Sorry I’m so predictable.

PS – this also makes for a fantastic quick lunch or dinner, which is how I enjoyed mine.

Over easy egg with avocado toast
serves 1

It takes only a few ingredients to make something delicious. Here is what you’ll need:

[or whatever other seasoning you like!]

>>To cook the egg, start with a small skillet.

Add a good splash of canola oil and turn the heat to medium.

Crack in the egg carefully into a bowl. This will ensure that you do not break the yolk and allow for the collection of unwanted egg shell fragments.

Pour the egg very closely and gently into the heated skillet. The egg should begin to turn white immediately and begin to set and even sputter a bit. Turn the heat down to low. [Side note: you may need to take the egg completely off the heat to prevent overcooking. My egg began cooking a little faster than I intended, so I took it off the heat before seasoning and then returned it to low heat.]

Season here with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and the red pepper flakes.

Poke and break the clear membrane near the yolk with the corner of your spatula – this will release liquid within the egg whites, allowing them to cook faster and more evenly without overcooking the yolk. Trust me on this one.

Once the whites have set about halfway from being completely cooked through, use a clean or greased spatula to gently flip the egg over.

Now using the flat side of your spatula, press slightly on the whites surrounding the yolk. Be careful not to get too close to the yolk, otherwise you run the risk of breaking it. Cook on this side for a quick 15-20 seconds and remove from heat and onto a plate for eating. You are welcome to check the doneness of the whites by making a small hole to see if they still run clear. When completely cooked, the whites should yield no liquid of any kind.

[keep in mind that this entire cooking process should take 1-2 minutes]

Take the avocado half and season it with salt.

Cut the avocado into 1-inch slices in one direction.

Again, cut 1-inch thick slices in the opposite direction. It should make a crisscross pattern in the avocado flesh.

Scoop half of the avocado from its shell and smash it with a fork onto half of the english muffin. Follow by scraping the remaining avocado COMPLETELY from its shell and smashing it onto the remaining english muffin.

Enjoy with a side of sliced carrots and behold: your perfectly cooked yet oh so gooey egg! Sucess!!

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