My favorite part of a sandwich is probably different than yours

What to do with all that pumpkin butter, you ask?

Make a sandwich. With almond butter. And fill it up so much that you can’t press it down without the ooze-age of velvety molten lava-like butters.

That’s what makes it so delicious: there’s something about an over-filled sandwich that pumps me up. I think it’s the naughty combination of ‘I’m eating this in class’, ‘I’m about to take notes on my laptop’, and ‘I don’t have a napkin.’ And I’m so hungry! Ripping apart the beautiful carcass of such a sandwich is the proper way to satisfy such a hunger. That and I made it just the way I like it.

Here’s how I did it:

Open a jar of sed pumpkin butter.

Spread a hefty amount onto one slice of bread. Dido with the almond butter.

Dump the nuts and seeds from the bottom of the bag onto the sandwich innards.

Slap each piece of bread together.

There’s your sandwich!

(This particular one had an ooze-age rating of an 8/10.)

But what really makes this sandwich is the bread.

Everyone already knows that I have a bit of a complex with this bread. It’s called Dave’s Killer Bread. And Powerseed is the best kind!

I mean, every time I finish a sandwich I just want another piece of that bread. Not even another sandwich with delicious fillings and what not. Not even a slice of toast with coconut oil melted onto its face. Just the bread. That’s all I want.

And when a loaf is gone, someone always saves the empty bag for me – for that is where all those pesky seeds gather; the ones who foolishly thought they were gathering to escape my clutches. Little do they know, I know of this pool of seeds and it will be utilized for my full sandwich-dining pleasure.

Here’s a photomontage of my love.

The sandwich was pretty good too. Pretty goopy with that almond and pumpkin conglomeration going on.

But that bread. Words cannot describe.

I should start making myself 1.5 sandwiches for lunch…

I don’t know why I insist on torturing myself.

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